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visionaire art

Each visionaire art hand-made creation invites you to pause, find the spaces and get into deeper conversation with yourself.  These works of art are the result of my own hidden artist discovery and they are each an invitation for you to find yours. 

black jacket with journal and flowers.jpg


The first time I journaled it was a requirement for a college class.  My practice after that was sporadic until, as the result of a 15 minute coaching, I was challenged to do Julia Cameron's Artist's Way.  This began what has been an 8 year, life changing, regular daily journaling practice.  My journal is the place where I dream and scream.  It is the source of much of what becomes my artistic endeavors such as those you see here, including the creation of this journal. 




the hidden artist
quest cards

The Hidden Artist Quest Cards are the manifestation of my Leader Quest for wholeness born of creative and artistic discovery. It is the result of doing the work and believing in the possibility and promise of conscious creative living.


They are 77 chakra aligned cards. On one side you will find an original photo taken by me and on the other side, thought provoking content intended to deepen conversations and inspire creative and artistic action in the world. Housed in a beautiful magnet closure box, it comes complete with a full color companion book with guidance for working with the cards, a primer on the 7 chakras, interactive elements, and blank pages for journaling.  The Hidden Artist Quest Cards are an invitation to immerse your full self, discover your creative being, and make your life a great work of art.

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Mala is an ancient traditional tool used in meditation practice.  The process of making the mala is for me creatively fulfilling, energetically nurturing and meditative.  Each mala is made with healing crystals, silk thread, signature buddha beads and a turquoise bead at the throat chakra and an inspiring charm.  

Use your mala in meditation by counting the beads or repeating a mantra, inspirational word or intention as you fingers gently pass over each bead.  Or wear it around your neck to keep the healing energies with you all day long.  



My photos have been described as energetic blueprints.  They are images captured as I navigate the world with curiosity, wonder, open eyes and an open heart.  Available as stand alone framed pieces from image sizes 4x6 up to 13x19, as greeting cards with lines of poetry and inquiry, in books and as part of The Hidden Artist Quest Cards deck, they aim to inspire you to expand the way you see your world and consciously create the life you want to live.

mailbox in book.jpeg
take in the magic with lavendar.jpeg


there's a heart in the center of your candle

there's a heart in the center of your life

the burning light of reflection calls you home

visionaire art candles are made from vegan coconut apricot wax, natural cotton wicks free of toxic metals and natural fragrance oils.  They are hand poured in a reusable glass vessel which is adorned with a line of poetry for inspiration and an inquiry for thoughtful reflection.  There are 4 versions of the candle each with their own scent or unscented:  Breath & Be, Create & Inspire, Peace & Love, and Vision & Clarity.  Each candle has a crystal heart hidden within.

IMG_1561 2.JPG

join my quest for

conscious creative living

I believe that a life lived from intuition, heart, creativity and art has a profound impact your  quality of life and the lives of those around you.  I have come to know that having deeper conversations with ourselves, facilitated by a coach, with people in our lives who are willing to challenge us and tell us the truth and the integration of journaling, meditation, gratitude and creative practices, is life changing.

I have been on a personal quest to nurture my intuition and set my hidden artist free.  This has become my Leader Quest, an invitation to you to join me to find and release the artist hidden within you.

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