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coaching &
leadership development

You have everything you need to build the life you dream of living.  Let's work together to unleash the dreams, banish the saboteurs, create new ways of being that will enable bold and courageous action. You can be the leader of your life and have a powerful impact in your world.

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exploration. inspiration. creation. tranformation.

Let's work together to create the life you

dream of living


you have a deep desire for expansion and you need support to get grounded, identify and gain clarity on the "what" 


you are a leader. you want to make a difference in your world (team, company, family...).  you want to have greater impact.  you may even have a long list of aspirations and ideas, and the "how" stops you in your tracks; you are ready to get unstuck and start moving forward 


you have a great life and have been successful living in the "should,"  but something is missing.  You are ready to live your life from the "want"

you are a deep thinker, curious and creative, you dream of unleashing this part of yourself and making your life a great work of art

you are a supreme doer and the idea of being is elusive.  you want more fulfillment, balance, joy & ease in your life; you know it's possible but until now it has been out of reach

ways to work together


  By exploring your being:  who you are and how you show up; your doing (and not doing); and stories you tell yourself, you will come to understand yourself in new and powerful ways.  And we will work together so you can get into purposeful action in order to start living the life you dream of living, now.  

leadership development 

You are a leader.  Through my own leadership development I have come to understand that a leader is someone who is responsible for their world. We are all leaders.  Let's work together to create a leadership roadmap to grow your leadership in the world and take the steps toward powerful intended impact. 

& retreats

Relationships create magic. My offerings of highly interactive and experiential programs puts this belief into action.  Check out what's on offer & join us!  



In our coaching relationship you will find a graceful and open holding of space that will allow and inspire you to engage with powerful and challenging questions about your most authentic dreams and desires. You will be challenged to explore the interconnectedness of the many facets of your life. I use my own curiosity and intuition along with tools, exercises and resources to support you to challenge yourself and engage in inspired action and accountability so that you can realize outcomes you most desire.

a good fit for you if:

you want to be more, do more and have more

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leadership development

Grounded in a powerful leadership model and roadmap, we will work together to gain clarity of purpose, define the world(s) where you desire to have an impact and create a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader and how you can shift to achieve the impact you want to have in your world.  

a good fit for you if:

you have a deep desire to have a more powerful impact in your world


workshops and events

Through my workshops and retreats I create highly engaged and supportive communities of creative seekers and learners who work together to grow their leadership and make their world a more beautiful place

a good fit for you if:

you want to be in conversation with other thoughtful, creative & inspired people who have big dreams of their own 

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Kind Words

I'm 22 and I started working with Lynne a few weeks after I graduated college. It was a time I felt like I should be jumping into a world of new and exciting opportunities, but instead I felt like I had reached a dead end--maybe the edge of a cliff. Lynne has been AMAZING--a force for good in my life when I have really needed one. She is kind and deeply caring. She has been especially excellent at distilling what's important out of challenges that seem like confusing tangles to me, and at helping me shift my perspective. Through working with Lynne, I've become better able to identify traps in thinking/action I fall into in daily life--and to adjust--because I've had the chance to reflect on them with her, and to become more conscious of them. The tools and perspective I've gained from working with Lynne have made a noticeable difference in the way I live my life, and I can't recommend her highly enough!
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