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become the creator of the greatest work of art…your life

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welcome to Lynne’s studio

conscious creative living
starts here

Welcome to my virtual studio.  Here you can be witness to and an active participant in things that inspire me and capture my imagination.  You can find tools, ideas and offerings that will challenge your thinking and grow your leadership in the world.  Here you can find your way to relationships and collaborations that will expand and guide you toward making your own life a great work of art.

let's work together

personal & leadership 

I believe you can create and lead a life well lived. We will enter a 1 on 1 coaching relationship based on your deep desire for growth, in which your greatest dreams and your whole self are at the center.  From a place of curiosity and intuition I offer you insights and powerful questions for introspection; tools for the exploration of values and dreams; and reflections on thought and habit patterns that are holding you back.  Together we will deepen the conversation and you will take inspired transformative action.

visionaire art 
& shop

I believe everyone is an artist.  While some of us live into our artistry, I have discovered that so many, including the artists among us, have lost or buried their inner artist.  Our creative and artistic self lies hidden waiting to be found. The work of Visionaire Art is the result of my own hidden artist discovery.  And it is my invitation to you to find yours.  Here you can explore my story and my art.  In my Shop, you will find the work born of my journey, including my journals and Hidden Artist Quest Cards which have the express purpose of supporting you on your own journey to find and express the Hidden Artist in you.

& retreats

Relationships create magic. I am passionate about bringing people together in collaborative communities that support creativity, artistry and personal transformation. Check back here frequently and subscribe to my mailing list to learn about and sign up for virtual and live workshops and retreats such as "Living Your Life from the Center," "Finding Your Hidden Artist," "Leading your Best Life," "Creativity Jumpstart," "Designing my Best Life," "Project Greenlight," "The Salon," and more...

Experiences working
with Lynne


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complimentary gift

an original piece of inspirational art

As a thank you for subscribing to my newsletter and other announcements about upcoming events and shop additions, you will be sent a piece of digital inspirational art.

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