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with deep curiosity and intuition I hold space for and guide the unfolding of your consciously created life

I have come to know that a life balanced by and lived from intuition, heart, creativity, and art has a profound impact on the way you live and impacts the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. I know that having deeper conversations with ourselves—facilitated by a coach, with trusted people in our lives who are willing to challenge us and tell us the truth, through

journaling, meditation, and gratitude practices, and inspired by art — is the key to finding and expressing our own inner artist. And I know that when we find and express our inner artist, we become whole and can lead more fulfilling, grounded, joyful, rewarding, healthy and impactful lives.

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lynne harris bernstein

I am an ICF certified Co-Active Coach with over 8 years experience with 1 on 1 coaching, team development and designing and delivering workshops.  And I am an HR Executive with more than 30 years working with individuals and teams to gain clarity of purpose and find aligned action in service of personal,  professional and team transformation.  I have a deep understanding of the power of purpose and finding wholeness and resonance in life.  I focus on the whole person and will challenge you to tap into your creativity to discover and explore hidden gems of insight that enable you to achieve your greatest potential and to make your life a great work of art.​

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about visionaire

The name visionaire is born of a shamanic journey I experienced over 20 years ago, that led me to my spirit animal — Eagle.  With keen sight, eagle rises above the material world and has the ability to see hidden truths.  Eagle is a creative and powerfully intuitive spirit, strong and courageous, a healer.  Eagle has great vision and sees the patterns and the big picture.  Eagle is grace, dignity and an intuitive connected creative spirit that shows us magic.  Eagle is my guide in life, leadership, work and art. 


The visionaire logo speaks to the profound journey of life.  Demonstrated as two intertwined spirals that in harmony and balance gracefully ascend to the spirituality above and descend and find groundedness in the earth below. When the logo is placed on its side you see eagle's outstretched wings in conscious creative action and graceful forward momentum.

Visionaire is about infinite curiosity and the quest for knowledge, the creation of meaningful connections, the


boundless expansion of the creative journey, and the evolution of the self and soul to create beauty and meaningful impact in the world.  

Immersing in the leadership and coaching journey with me, you will experience: the insight of the spirals of the logo mark representing the journey of personal growth and life’s cyclical nature; the  mystery of the Golden Ratio, harmoniously accentuating balance and aesthetic harmony; and the  timeless grace of Labyrinth, reflecting the transformative journey  from and to your center, looking both inward and outward for self-discovery and enlightenment. 


Working with visionaire, whether through coaching, workshops, intuitive readings and retreats or through interaction with my writings and artistic creations, you will experience deep reflection, alignment, harmony, creativity, and transformative growth which will allow you to make your own life a great and inspiring work of art.  

let's work together

personal & leadership 

I believe you can create and lead a life well lived. We will enter a 1 on 1 coaching relationship based in your deep desire for growth, in which both your greatest dreams and your whole self are at the center.  From a place of curiosity and intuition I offer you powerful questions for introspection; tools for the exploration of values and dreams; and reflections on thought and habit patterns that are holding you back.  Ultimately, we will co-create and you will take inspired transformative action.

visionaire art 
& shop

I believe everyone is an artist.  While some of us live into our artistry, I have found that many, including the artists among us, have buried their inner artist.  Our creative and artistic self lies hidden, waiting to be re-discovered.  Visionaire Art is the result of my personal hidden artist discovery, and it s an invitation to you to find yours.  Here you can explore my story and my art.  In my Shop, you will find the work born of my journey, including The Hidden Artist Quest Cards which have the express purpose of supporting you to find your hidden artist.

& retreats

Relationships create magic. I am passionate about bringing people together in collaborative communities that support creativity, artistry and personal transformation. Check back here frequently and subscribe to my mailing list to learn about and sign up for virtual and live workshops and retreats such as "Living Your Life from the Center," "Finding Your Hidden Artist," "Leading your Best Life," "Creativity Jumpstart," "Designing my Best Life," "Project Greenlight," "The Salon," and more...

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relationships create magic

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