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I am a CTI and ICF Certified Co-Active performance and fulfillment Coach and Human Resources Executive with over 20 years experience working with individuals and teams. I have a deep understanding of the power of purpose and finding resonance in life.  Through my practice of Co-Active Coaching I challenge my clients to discover and explore hidden gems of insight that enable them to achieve their greatest potential and live their dreams.  With a focus on clarity of objectives and personal transformation, I guide my clients in a rich and active exploration, leading to the creation of a fulfilling and rewarding future.


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Lynne Harris Bernstein

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"It's the biggest adventure you can have, making up your own life, and it's true for everybody.  It's infinite possibility."

-- Lawrence Kasdan 

     what my clients say...

I'm 22 and I started working with Lynne a few weeks after I graduated college. It was a time I felt like I should be jumping into a world of new and exciting opportunities, but instead I felt like I had reached a dead end--maybe the edge of a cliff. Lynne has been AMAZING--a force for good in my life when I have really needed one. She is kind and deeply caring. She has been especially excellent at distilling what's important out of challenges that seem like confusing tangles to me, and at helping me shift my perspective. Through working with Lynne, I've become better able to identify traps in thinking/action I fall into in daily life--and to adjust--because I've had the chance to reflect on them with her, and to become more conscious of them. The tools and perspective I've gained from working with Lynne have made a noticeable difference in the way I live my life, and I can't recommend her highly enough!

-- Catharine, Boston, MA

I have been a very successful Engineer and Program Manager for several tier-one companies. I’m driven, goal oriented, have great relationships and live in a beautiful place by the beach. Even with all my awards and successes, I realized that I was still not pursuing my passions and was frequently unhappy in my professional life. Lynne has been simply amazing at helping me focus on a direction to guide my pathway to my passions. She reflects my own words and stories back to me in a manner that aides in helping me decode and prioritize my own thoughts. Lynne’s coaching technique and demeanor is analytical yet caring and I look forward to each and every session.  To her credit, I am now focusing on what I really want to achieve on a daily bases, spending my days working towards my passions rather than on just a higher pay check or accolade which gave me no personal satisfaction.

-- Randy, Huntington Beach, CA


I’ve considered professional coaching for some time, but never committed mainly because I didn’t have a connection with the coach. I’ve known Lynne for over 4 years in a professional setting and when we started talking about coaching it was a no brainer for me. Lynne has helped me pinpoint areas I want to focus on in my professional career. I had so many different ideas and interests, and Lynne helped to identify the most important issues to me and develop a plan to work on them. She also got me thinking bigger and has helped instill the confidence I needed to move forward. Lynne is immensely pleasant, professional and objective, which always puts me at ease so I can be honest about my feelings. Having trust in my coaching relationship is most important to me, and Lynne provides that for me.

-- Carolyn, Glendale, CA

Lynne has been an outstanding life coach! Outstanding is not even the proper word but rather transformational! She has totally transformed my mindset on how to live more presently, more courageously, and with boldness. She has helped me in particular with my music career as a singer/songwriter/pianist and her coaching has  driven me to greater heights with my aspirations of attending graduate school for a career in clinical psychology. You will truly be pleased by choosing to work with Lynne Bernstein. She has enhanced my life and has helped come closer to being one with myself. God bless. 

-- Marguerite, Los Angeles, CA


I've been  working with Lynne for over two years. I decided to take the plunge from a 9-5 office job to the world of freelance and entrepreneurship. Lynne recognized my passion for photography and painting and has guided me along this journey to live the  lifestyle of my dreams. Lynne has been exceptional on this journey by providing a space to openly discuss personal concerns in an effort to find balance and prosperity in all areas of life.   Every session has been engaging, uplifting, and inspiring. I admire Lynne's proactive approach to working through the root of your core concerns. She is able to encourage you to not only step outside the box but to do the inner work to ensure you have the tools to continuously put things in perspective. Since working with Lynne, I can't believe how much I've accomplished mentally, physically, and spiritually in life and business. I'd recommend Visionarie to anyone from L.A. to Japan and back!  

- Trai iCart, Los Angeles

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