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I have personally experienced the transformative power of a consistent morning practice that includes journaling and it inspired me to create this customized journal adorned with poems and drawings from my personal journals.

This customized journal (from Minimalism Art) is 5x8" with 192 blank 100gsm pages, several of which are enhanced with my original poems and drawings. It has an elastic closure, a ribbon bookmark embellished with a charm and a turquoise bead and an accordion pocket that is filled with 111 prompts to support your writing and for inspiration when you get stuck. 

Use one of my journals as part of your morning routine and gift one to someone you care about.


journaling is a tranformative practice –  open up to the blank pages of possibility and get into a deeper conversation with yourself.

photo by Lynne Bernstein © 2019

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these journals are beautifully adorned and spacious, inviting you to lose yourself in your thoughts and dreams  


Don't know what to write about? There are 111 writing prompts in the back pocket of the journal just waiting for you to take them out and explore. 


4 cover art labels

4 colors &

Copy of 0BB3ADCC-D0C0-4C97-90FD-EB5002E61AF0_1_105_c.jpeg

 for yourself,  someone special, or participants in your next workshop

contact me for info or a bulk order

These journals are a perfect gift for your next meditation, yoga or coaching retreat or workshop.  

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