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Following a mala making workshop at my yoga studio I was hooked.  I find the process of making mala peaceful and meditative.  I get a feeling of fulfillment through the creative exercise of choosing the beads and designing the mala. And most of all there is great joy in seeing people's reaction when they receive or choose just the right one. 


i started making mala as gifts for clients and loved ones. i saw the energetic impact they had and so... i put my saboteurs at bay and went for it. i  put them in my local yoga studio boutique and created and etsy page, launching them and myself out in the world

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my mala are made with healing crystals, silk thread, inspirational charms, and love.

handmade and energetically aligned 

They come in a protective pouch with a description card outlining the mala's healing and energy properties.

Use your mala in meditation by counting the beads or repeating a mantra, inspirational word or an intention as your fingers gently pass over each bead.  Or, wear it around your neck or wrist to keep the healing energies of the stones near you all day long. 


Custom orders are available in 

4mm, 6mm & 8mm beads

custom orders

for more info or a custom order

if you don't see what you are looking for in my shop, or you are looking for a particular color or energetic healing, click below and I'll work with you to create the perfect mala.

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