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part III - what's next

“Give me the 10 year projections, a Ouija board & a magic wand.”

Jed Bartlett, Mr President

The West Wing

What’s next after 30 years of marriage and a very tumultuous 2018 was taking the leap to spend 30 days traveling around Spain & France with my husband. What’s next after the trip was an explosion of creative energy culminating in a slide show (posted on last month’s blog post) and writing my long imagined photo book entitled “XI” (more on this next month).

What’s next?

I was thinking about this idea for part III of my reflection, my final post of the year, and a memory explosion went off in my head. In my favorite show of all time, The West Wing, the President, brilliantly played by Martin Sheen, dealt with every situation directly and resolutely and moved confidently forward regardless of the magnitude of what he just dealt with, with a resounding “WHAT’S NEXT?”. These moments were so poignant as to inspire Lin-Manuel Miranda to create a rap song based on this element of the show. There is also a fantastic cut down of West Wing what’s next moments on Vimeo. West Wing fans, check it out for a wonderful memory. Those of you who haven't watched it, you might well be inspired to engage in a fun and uplifting 7 season 154 episode binge.

At my last coaching session I was challenged by my coach to create a vision board inspired by the question, “what would be my own creation?” In other words what’s next? I got out my magazines, scissors and glue stick, cozied up in front of the fireplace and set about imagining what might be next. Similarly I have been asking my clients about their intention for 2019, their what’s next?

Moving fearlessly forward with creative energy and inspired aspiration that comes from the heart while maintaining spaciousness and self care is what I want next.

In the final moment of the Vimeo cut down, the President’s wife asks, “What are you thinking about?” And the President replies, “Tomorrow.”

What are you thinking about?

What’s Next?

photo by Lynne Harris Bernstein © 2018


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