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your remarkable life

Do you ever wonder how some people can achieve greatness and live a life so remarkable it seems impossible for us mere mortals?

I have had the honor to get to know many of these people, but one person in particular stands out and has inspired my thinking about what it is to live a remarkable life. Every summer he shares his story and wisdom with employees at my company. I’ve heard his tale at least seven times; each leaving me in awe and inspired.

Is it superior intellect? Special gifts? Luck? Super natural intervention?

In this case it may be all of this and more. However, what is most evident in his autobiographical and philosophical musings is that at the foundation of a remarkable journey are relatively simple factors most of us already have access to:

  • getting in the game and going to work

  • insatiable curiosity and exploration

  • finding your passions and following them

  • determination

  • resilience

  • absolute fearlessness

I encourage you to watch his talk ( ). What you will learn is that no task or opportunity is too small or insignificant. At each step of life's journey it is critical to carry all the learning, experiences, connections, and relationships with you, treat them like preciously valued treasures and leverage each and every one of them.

Weave all of this together and you too can create a remarkable life.

What’s holding you back from living yours?


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