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it's not the destination...

so the saying goes –  it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts. 

Here’s what I believe: destination(s) count.  And the journey – being on it, feeling it, savoring it, loving it, and staying on it is the thing that gives life it’s true richness and meaning.  The journey, the one you can consciously create is what matters most.  But all great journeys are filled with lots of destinations.  They come in the form of milestones, celebrations, failures, achievements, traps, rest stops, thrill rides – these provide the texture and the tone, they’re the chapters to our own great hero’s journey story we tell.


Today I want to share with you a destination stop on my life journey.  A little over eight years ago I launched visionaire 11:11, LLC and  I designed the logo, built the website and did the branding myself.  I enjoyed the learning and the creativity, the process of bringing my fledgling coaching business to life was empowering.  When I launched my website back then a client gave me some thoughtful feedback and suggested I needed more content about my offerings, about coaching etc.  I knew he was right, but at the time I was comfortable sitting at that destination, a bit unsure and unclear, no words came, it wasn't time for more...yet.


But I was on a journey, and finally, 8 years later, more than 800 hours of coaching later and with lots of personal and professional development destinations under my belt, I have found my voice.  I have gained greater clarity of purpose and direction and now the words have arrived. Words (and images, colors, textures, and designs) that enabled me to build out a much more robust site that speaks to who I am, what I’m up to, and what I have to offer.


This time around I asked for help. I tapped my dear friend and incredible dancer and filmmaker, Guzman Rosado, to take photos of me at home that would allow me put myself out into the world more boldly and bravely than ever before. And I embarked on a wonderful collaborative relationship to rebrand and rebuild my website, with my tarot buddy, friend and web designer Ali Manno of LMNO+CO (  Ali’s own work is grounded in purpose which is strongly aligned with my own.  She has been dedicated, patient, intuitive and steady throughout the process - oh and so much fun to work with!  She designed my new logo (more on the symbolism of the logo to come), and collateral, we chose colors and fonts, blew out sections and expanded them further, she created textures and lines and I drew symbols and curated my photography.  We emailed and texted and zoomed. And we iterated and re-iterated; it was a beautiful creative dance and rewarding treasured collaboration.  And now, today, we hit the PUBLISH button!


An invitation and request. 


Please take a bit of a detour on your current journey and visit  Explore the site and share it with a friend. Book a coaching call, read a blog post, check out all the happenings on the visionaire art pages and subscribe to receive a digital art piece. 

And I'd love to hear your thoughts about this work and what you are up to. 


Remember the client I mentioned, his feedback marinated within me for more than 8 years.  You never know when you will arrive at the next destination, until you do. That’s the beauty of the journey. 

PS. Total non sequitur... do you recognize this photo?

photo by Lynne Harris Bernstein



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