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“Spirit of my silence I can hear you, but I'm afraid to be near you

And I don't know where to begin”

Creating a workspace that resonates and lifts me up… Clearing out spaces in my home... Creating space in relationships… Creating space in my day… Taking up less space without getting small… Creating space through meditation and mindfulness practice. SPACE has been a recurring theme in both my coaching and my life this month. By letting the notion of space take up space in my mind, I have noticed references to it everywhere – in casual conversation, in the musings of my yoga instructor, in quotes and insights offered by the narrators of meditation apps I use, and even in references in my favorite TV shows.

I took this photo from the top of the Baldwin Hills Overlook in Culver City on Sunday. To the far left is Santa Monica beach and the far right is downtown LA. This city is a vast landscape filled to the brim with people, buildings, homes, cars, roads, schools, museums, restaurants and shops. When you are in the midst of it, it can feel like there is no space at all. But if you look closely and are open to exploring it, an abundance of space can be found – wide open beaches, expansive oceans, Griffith Park, Santa Monica Mountains, neighborhood parks, quiet side streets in beautiful neighborhoods… All you have to do is look for the space, choose it and create the experience you want within it.

When I think about space I think about the power of choice and creation. I think about energy, beauty, vulnerability, organization, comfort, warmth, breath, doing and not doing and about being. And, I think about what it means to just leave space for wonderful unexpected surprises.

Where will you begin to create the space that you long for?

Photo by Lynne Harris Bernstein ©2017


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