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why coach?

I am writing this post on January 22, 2016, the day after the women’s marches that took place all over the world. One person’s comment expanded into what is estimated to be a movement 3 million+ people strong. As many of you know, it was a beautiful Los Angeles winter day. I walked with approximately 750 thousand Angelinos of all colors, shapes and sizes – exercising democracy and calling out for decency, equality, and humanity - a truly heart opening experience. This sun-filled day was bookmarked by two days that prove the lyrics, “It never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn ya? It pours man it pours.” And so I sit here wrapped in a blanket in front of a warm fire, in gratitude. Gratitude for the cyclical nature of things, gratitude in knowing that the sun will shine again, both literally and figuratively, gratitude for contrasts that provide perspective, gratitude for the goodness in people, gratitude for all that I have, gratitude for the rain that is pulling us out of drought, gratitude for what coaching has brought into my life, gratitude for my coach and my clients who challenge me to become my best self.

In November 2015, I embarked on my coach training journey and I am proud to announce that in November 2016 I received my CPCC (Certified Professional Coactive Coach) designation from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the preeminent coach training programs. Certification was a clearly defined goal with a well defined path. I did not anticipate the greatest part, the expansiveness I would gain from this process. My community, my skills, my perspective, my knowledge, my heart, my dreams and my courage have all grown. And coaching continues to inspire this expansion; like one of those flat sponges that expands more with each sprinkle of water – only this one is a magic infinitely expanding sponge!

My passion for coaching is inspired by 2 things. The first comes from almost 30 years in HR working with people at the beginning, middle and end of careers or jobs as well as experiencing my own career journey. What I have seen is that so many of us don’t make resonant choices and don’t know how to find the resonant choice or are not even aware that resonant choices exist and can be made. Like hamsters on a wheel we keep going around and around, sometimes the wheel moves or gets bigger but it just keeps going around and keeps us from exploring what we really want to do or who we want to be. The second inspiration comes from raising 2 children and watching them grow into gifted artists. Their journey for me is proof that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and that the gift of finding your passion and purpose and living it is priceless. From this place I aspire to work with people at all stages who want to live their lives on purpose, build expansive dreams and live in resonant choice with their values while turning their dreams into reality.

Today I am honored to be working with executives, small business owners, new college grads and artists. I am looking forward working with more artists, new grads, early career professionals, individuals at all stages in transition, such as high school seniors who are determining their next step into adulthood and executives in transition. If you or someone you know is interested in exploring what coaching can bring to their lives, please reach out to learn more and for a complimentary session.

To all of you who have been part of my journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For everyone else, I welcome you with an open heart.

photos by Lynne Harris Bernstein ©2016


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