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post election musings

About a week after the shocking November 8th Presidential election I drafted a post. I was walking home from a great workout at the LA Fitness near my home in the Miracle Mile, through a neighborhood vibrant with construction, growth and subway, new museums, improved roads and sidewalks. People happily enjoying the Urban Light structure at LACMA, it was like any other day. I was overwhelmed by how much the outside energy that day sat in such stark contrast with what I felt inside. I did not post that day.

Inspired by my client tonight, here is my post...

A piece of the Berlin Wall at LACMA...fear and hope...let us learn from history lest we repeat it!

Walking home. Black, Hispanic and White Americans WORKING together. Together they toil to bring us safer roadway crossings, longer subway lines to take us where we want to go, and more beautiful sidewalks for our pedestrian journeys.


photo by Lynne Harris Bernstein ©2016

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