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The Hidden Artist Quest Cards

The Hidden Artist Quest Cards

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They are 77 chakra aligned cards.  Original photos and thought provoking content intended to deepen conversations and inspire creative and artistic action in the world.


Housed in a  strong magnet closure box with a blue ribbon for easily pulling out the cards, it comes complete with a full color companion book with guidance for working with the cards, a primer on the 7 chakras, interactive elements, and blank pages for journaling.  


Both the book and cards are beautifully finished with holosilver edge.


The Hidden Artist Quest Cards are an invitation to immerse your full self, discover your creative being, and make your life a great work of art.


    Both the cards and the book measure 3.5 x 5 inches.


    Refunds for unused products returned within 14 days of purchase.  Buyer to pay for return shipping.


    Free shipping for orders over $150.

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