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leap and flow

I sat down to write this post and almost immediately an instrumental by Adham Shaikh called “Fibonacci Spiral Song” started to play on my Spotify. Fibonacci sequence, the golden mean, the spiral, expansive, energetic, natural, universal, everything and nothing, everywhere. It moves you to the center where the soul awakens and there is love. Energy radiates from the center, out into the universe. It is a reminder of natural interweaving cycles and of the beautiful journey called life. Repeating patterns, sacred geometry, the mandala. Mesmerizing, it speaks to us and invites the alignment of mind, body and spirit. I take a breath and begin.

February 29, 2020. The 366th day is rounding the 4 year cycle that ends in what we call a leap year. In classic form, I opened my laptop to get my monthly post up before the month closes its doors and to my delight I see that it’s February 28th; I have one more day!

In this moment, my life is just plain old too much. There is a persistent and relentless stream of demand signals. There has been almost no white space in my calendar for the past 2 weeks; sleep and other forms of self-care are severely compromised. I found myself searching my calendar for slivers of time to support a client, visit my mom in the hospital, go to a yoga class, take a meeting, talk to my kids, sit down for an actual meal, connect with a long lost friend, support friends in their journey, stay connected, build a workshop, lead a call, develop the flyer, grocery shop, pay the bills, prepare my taxes, answer the calls, the emails and the constant barrage of texts. Oh yeah, and then there’s work!

Amidst all this seeming chaos, I have found that if I listen closely I can find space.

And then that space is expanded by generous gifts from many amazing and supportive people in my world. The heartfelt gift offered by the amazing Helen House on my Leadership call this week, “know that there is plenty of room”; and the sentiment from my ‘bad ass’ coach, Sharna Fey, who wrote, “I am trusting the flow.” From these two powerful women and my Leadership Tribe community, and many others I am continually reminded I’m not alone. I become aware that I am being held in a spacious energetic community which is providing me with the fuel to live my best life. Through all of it, even the darkest most challenging sleep deprived and anxious moments and the weightiness of some of the issues we are facing, I am feeling my way into expansion and flow; holding onto the knowledge that this moment is all part of a spiraling cycle and as with the 366th day, it will turn away for a while and then cycle back creating these majestic patterns we call life.

I’ll leave you with this:

spiraling in space

Meeting cancelled

$20 found in the pocket of an old pair of jeans

Help from a loved one, a stranger


A Deep breath

Shift in perspective

A kind word, a smile


Music, community


An extra day


A labyrinth walk

A sunflower

Dreams, flow

55, 89, 144

Opening up, I see you

Plenty of room

Come inside

poem & photo by Lynne Harris Bernstein



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