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Paper Texture - Horizontal


9th & 33rd, Manhattan

Vacancy in the bustling city

Perfect emptiness

Linear shadows calm my mind



Think, think, think



Missing syllables


Words lost in the noise


Take comfort in this discomfort

No words required

Spacious silence

i am complete.

Over the last few months I’ve struggled to write. Actually, to be honest I don’t think I really tried very hard. Has my blog run it’s course? Am I bored? Have I run out of things to say? Though travels, great people and experiences were filling my life, ideas and words to express them were illusive. I guess it just wasn’t time; or rather it was time for something else - for silence.

I opened my laptop today, 2 ½ days of August remaining, with the intention to break the streak of nothingness and along with this intention, permission that August could be added to the list of months for which a post was not completed. And so, a bit ironically, in the Amtrak Quiet Car between the distressing noise that emanates from Washington, DC and the aliveness of New York City hustle and bustle, this post was born.

In coaching, I’ve found that the silence in a session is often the place where insight and great richness lives. Give the silence time and the seeds of emotion, ideas, wisdom, and inspiration will sprout.

Lean into your silence; what’s waiting to blossom?

photo by Lynne Harris Bernstein © 2019


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