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"Art is anything that's creative, passionate and personal.  An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo.  And an artist takes it personally."

--Seth Godin, Linchpin

photo by Lynne Bernstein © 2018

I remember getting my Ricoh 35mm film camera before my first trip overseas.  I was 16.  Photography has certainly become more accessible and much less expensive!  Almost all of the photos on this website were taken using my iPhone and limited if any photo editing. 

While I have always loved taking pictures and arranging them in photo albums, I never considered myself a photographer.  Looking back over the years, however, I realized I've taken some pretty great photos.  A few years ago I began thinking about creating a photo book.  Finally, this winter, I cast my saboteurs of doubt and fear aside and dipped my toe in the water.   


I'm please and proud to introduce you to the result.  My first photo book titled 'XI' in reference to the mystical number (11) that chose me when I was 16, the same year I got my first "grown up" camera.  

Inspired by mindfulness and grounded in inquiry, 'XI' takes you on a journey of personal exploration. Powerful images, words, stories and questions offer  ways  to reflect, dream and imagine.  Perhaps this book will  even light a spark of desire for your own transformational process in service of living your life on purpose.

Click here to buy a copy for yourself and/or to give as a gift.


Stay tuned for more visionaire photo...


photo by Lynne Bernstein © 2019

Mala is an ancient traditional tool used in meditation practice.

Following a 2 hr mala making workshop at my yoga studio I was hooked.  I find the process of making mala peaceful and meditative.  I get a feeling of fulfillment through the creative exercise of choosing the beads and designing the mala. And most of all there is great joy in seeing people's reaction when they receive or choose just the right one. 


I started by making mala as gifts for clients and loved ones.  They were so well received I decided to see what would happen if I launched them out in the world.  I put my saboteurs at bay and went for it. 


Treat yourself or someone you love to just the right mala. 

visionaire mala..are for sale at Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles, or click here to buy one on my Etsy store.   You can also contact me directly here on my website for a custom order.  Custom orders are available in 4mm, 6mm & 8mm beads. 


My mala are made with healing crystals, silk thread, inspirational charms, and love.  Each one is cleared with a smudge stick and comes in a black velvet pouch and a description card outlining the mala's healing and energy properties.

Use your mala in meditation by counting the beads or repeating a mantra, inspirational word or an intention as your fingers gently pass over each bead.  Or, wear it around your neck or wrist to keep the healing energies of the stones near you all day long. 



photos by Lynne Bernstein © 2019

Candles are at once decorative and a calming spiritual presence. The gentle flicker, the subtle aromas, the warmth, the beauty of the light simply makes me happy.  visionaire light began as an unformed idea resting upon a simple love of candles and desire to learn something new and create something I would want to have in my home.

But candles are everywhere, how to make something special was the question.  I didn’t want just make candles, I wanted to create an experience, something that inspired and infused possibility. What evolved is now a line of candles that integrates my painting, photography, writing and poetry, aromatherapy and crystal energy, and coaching based inquiry wrapped in design and packaging of my own creation.

The candles are made of vegan coconut apricot wax, natural cotton wicks and natural fragrance oils.  The labels are easily removable from the box and the vessel so you can reuse it all.  Each candle is beautifully packaged in crinkled paper for protection and comes with a card (a photograph of one of my paintings) that has a poem inside.  It makes a complete and special gift.

They come as individuals or as set of 4 unique energetic affirmations:


Breathe & Be 

Create & Inspire

Peace & Love

Vision & Clarity

Each vessel has a line of inspirational poetry and an inquiry on it and each affirmation is available with one of 3 different poem/inquiry combinations.  Every one has a crystal in the center. They are available scented or unscented.

Click here to see all the options and fragrance details. 

IMG_5088 2.jpeg

photos by Lynne Bernstein © 2021

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