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Welcome to

Creativity Jumpstart

Experiential workshops designed to reconnect you to yourself, your dreams and creating your most authentic life.

We bring together live online workshops, a private online interaction space, engaged self paced activities and a global supportive community to expand and deepen engagement in timely and meaningful challenges.

meet your co-leaders

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Kristy Lund

Photo, coactive coach, coaching, executive coach

Lynne Harris Bernstein

No upcoming events at the moment

Choose the start date that works best for you!

What people are saying about Creativity Jumpstart:

"It completely exceeded my expectations. I never thought I could find such a lovely, supportive community and share creative pieces with each other. I found myself creating things I would never have dreamed of." 


"This was wonderful. I am so surprised by the level of impact it had on me... Thanks for helping me discover, or rediscover that side of me!"


"Kristy and Lynne are kind, generous and supportive. It was honestly a pleasure working with the both of them. They made the process feel so effortless and it was just great being able to check in with them daily."

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